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Picture of Clean Dr Wet / Dry Streak-Free Wipes (70 Count)

Clean Dr Wet / Dry Streak-Free Wipes (70 Count)

Part#: GM-60125   In Stock: Yes   

  • Wet wipes saturated with exclusive UltraClearâ„¢ screen cleaning solution, uniquely formulated for LCD, plasma and DLP screens and other electronics
  • The non-abrasive, machine washable microfiber cloth included for drying all types of surfaces requiring special care, conveniently stores in the built-in pocket of the wipe lid (patent pending)
  • Free of ammonia, alcohol or detergents and specially formulated for plasma and LCD screens, UltraClearâ„¢ Streak-Free Solution delivers a clean, glare-free screen every time
  • Recommended for: LCD, plasma and projection TVs, computer monitors, keyboards, cell phones, PDAs, GPS units, MP3 players, photo and video equipment, office equipment and other electronics
  • Includes: 70 UltraClearâ„¢ Streak-Free wet wipes and 6.5" x 6.5" machine washable microfiber drying cloth
    In Stock: Yes