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Picture of Maximal Power JVC BN-VF707 Equiv. Battery

Maximal Power JVC BN-VF707 Equiv. Battery

Part#: BT-BNVF707   In Stock: Yes   

  • Li-ion Long Life Battery
  • Voltage: 7.4v
  • Capacity: 700 mAh
  • Compatible Models: JVCGR-D240GR-D246GR-D247GR-D250GR-D250UGR-D250USGR-D270GR-D270USGR-D271US GR-D275 GR-D275US GR-D290 GR-D290AC GR-D290AH GR-D290US GR-D295US GR-DF420 GR-DF430US GR-DF450US GR-DF470 GR-DF470US GR-DF550US GR-DF565 GR-DF570 GR-DF590 GR-X5 GR-X5US GZ-D240 GZ-D270 GZ-DF420 GZ-DF470 GZ-MG40AC
    In Stock: Yes